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World Cup in Combat Sambo among clubs 2010   

: 6-10-2010, 17:08       : CS Tournaments      

The first October weekend was marked by debut event in Combat Sambo. There took place the World Cup in Combat Sambo among clubs in one of the most beautiful cities of Crimean sea coast, unique Yalta. As it was mentioned above, similar tournament became debut not only in Ukraine but all over the World. Sportsmen from 22 Combat Sambo clubscame to take part in the tournament. On October 3, 4, competitions took place in the crystal hall of "Yalta” hotel. Atthe solemn opening of the tournament the President of WorldCombat Sambo Federation Alexey Maliy, the Vice-Presidentof World Federation, the President of Ukrainian Combat Sambo Federation Elkhan Veliyev and also the Chairman of the Panel of Judges of World Combat Sambo Federation Valeriy Volostnyh took floor to greet the sportsmen. 

The Competitions were more successful than we hadexpected before and generated considerable publicexcitement among spectators, participants, coach staff and management of World Combat Sambo Federation. 

Alexey Maliy – the President of World Combat Sambo Federation.

«The World Cup left a good impression. Fighters of high level came to Yalta. We saw World Champions, Prizewinners of World Forum on tatami. Also sportsmen I had never seen before impressed me. Their professional level wondered me. It is pleasant to see that new people appear in Combat Sambo, who can compete with experienced fighters. Next year we plan to organize a great amount of tournaments. If we make calculations, we have one and a half tournament per week.» 

 Veliyev is the Vice-President of World CombatSambo Federationthe President of Ukrainian Combat Sambo Federation.

«I think, the World Cup was successful. It caused great resonance among clubs in Combat Sambo from different countries. More than 20 clubs took part in the first tournament. We became the witnesses of high quality duels. Practically everyone had kept intrigue till the duel finished. Professionals came in Yalta. They showed their professional skills on tatami. I am sure that such tournaments will help us to find new talented sportsmen. I want to thank all guys for their diligence, will to win and courage».

 World Combat Sambo Federation and Ukrainian CombatSambo Federation express their thanks to Association of Professional Kinds of Martial Arts in the person of Andrey Vicktorovich Chistov for overall support and help in organization and holding the World Cup in Combat Sambo among clubs in Yalta

The results of competition:

Weight category 57 kg

1st place – Lunga Aleksander (CYSS-5, Kharkov, Ukraine)
2nd place – Russkih Iliya (S «Yalta», Yalta, Ukraine)
3rd place – Ulanbekov Tagir (SC «lympic trust», Makhachkala, Russia)
3rd place – Dmitrach Dmitriy (S «Combat», Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine)

Weight category  62 kg

1st place – gomedov rat (SC «lympic trust», Makhachkala, Russia)
2nd place – Buryachek Pavel (SC «Yalta», Yalta, Ukraine)

3rd place – Pashyan shot (S «Fan», Sochi, Russia)
3rd place – Kazbulaev Abdul (SU «Russian fight», Astrakhan, Russia)

Weight category  68 kg

1st place – khachov Islam (S «lympic trust», Makhachkala, Russia)
2nd place – Seydametov Dilyaver (S «Yalta», Yalta, Ukraine)
3rd place – Nurmagomedov Ramazan (CCS «EI», Moscow, Russia)
3rd place – rablin Vadim (S «Fan, Sochi, Russia)

Weight category 74 kg

1st place – edov Islam (S «lympic trust», Makhachkala, Russia)
2nd place – Pakhrudinov ziz  (CCS «EI», Moscow, Russia)
3rd place – kanu Evgeniy (S «Kharca», Kishinev, ldova)
3rd place – Popovsky Vladislav (S «Kharca», Kishinev, ldova)

Weight category  82 kg

1st place – linchiev gomed (S «lympic trust», Makhachkala, Russia)
2nd place – Nurmagomedov Khabib (S «Bzrgnv», Makhachkala, Russia)
3rd place – rol Denis (S «Yalt», Yalt, Ukraine)
3rd place – ransky Ivan (S «Yalta», Yalta, Ukraine)

Weight category  90 kg

1st place – zenko ksim (, Nikolaev, Ukraine)
2nd place – slanov Gusein (SC «lympic trust», Makhackala, Russia)
3rd place – Snigur Pavel (PKF «Fightzone», Donetsk, Ukraine)
3rd place – Svetlichny Yakov (INAN, Slavyansk, Ukraine)

Weight category more than 90 kg

1st place – Gelegaev madshaikh ( SC «lympic trust», Makhachkala, Russia) 
2nd place – Repkov Fyodor (SC «Combat», Khmelnitsky, Ukraine)
3rd place – Boldyrev Evgeny (CYCS-5, Kharkov, Ukraine)
3rd place – Dorofeev Stas (S «Yalta», Yalta, Ukraine)

Team results:

1st place - S «lympic trust», Makhachkala, Russia

2nd place - S «Yalta», Yalta, Ukraine

3rd place - S «Combat», Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

3rd place - CYSC-5, Kharkov, Ukraine

5th place - CCS «EI», Moscow, Russia

6th place - SC «Fan», Sochi, Russia

7th place – , Nikolaev, Ukraine

8th place - SC «Bazarganova», Makhachkala, Russia

9th place - SU «Russian fight», Astrakhan, Russia

10th place – Kharcha, Kishinyov, ldova

11th place - «Fightzone», Donetsk, Ukraine

12th place – INAN, Slavyansk, Ukraine

13th place – CCS Tiraspol, Transnistria

14th place – S «Bulava», Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

15th place – CSKA, Almata, zakhstan

16th place – S «Fighters», Makhachkala, Russia

17th place – S "White warrior", Sochi, Russia

18th place – P, Grozny, Russia

19-22 place – S «Dobro», Kiev, Ukraine

19-22 place – S «Rus», Zgeleznovodsk, Russia

19-22 place – S «rarat», Erevan, rmenia

19-22 place – S «ntazgnik», Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine



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