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World Combat Sambo Championship (WCSF). December 16, 2014. Moscow. Russia. Results   

Дата: 17-12-2014, 22:15       Категория: БС Турниры      

 World Combat Sambo Championship (WCSF).

December 16, 2014. Moscow. Russia.


On December 16, 2014 the World Combat Sambo Championship (WCSF) took place in Moscow (Russia).

The competition was attended by 112 athletes from 16 countries.

  Ukrainian national team won 2 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze medals and took the second place team.

At the opening ceremony of the competition was attended by distinguished guests - the famous Russian fighter UFC, world champion in combat sambo Habib Nurmagomedov and Hero of Russia Yury Cvetov.

Welcomed the guests and participants of the competition have addressed the president of the World Combat Sambo Federation Alexei Maliy, President of the European Combat Sambo Federation Elkhan Veliyev, Vice President of Combat Sambo Federation of Russia Valery Volostnykh.

 Elkhan Veliev awarded honorary diplomas Alexei Mali and Valery Volostnykh for significant contribution to the development and popularization of Combat Sambo in Europe

Leadership of Combat Sambo Federation of Ukraine, represented by the president of the federation Elkhan Veliyev would like to thank the honorable President Viktor Medvedchuk CSFU for their help in organizing the trip and participation of Ukrainian team in the world championships in combat sambo.

Results of competitions

Weight category 57 kg

1st place - Ulanbek Tahir (Russia)

2nd place - Taygibov Arsen (Ukraine)

3rd place - Kozhahmetov Abylaikhan (Kazakhstan)

Weight category 62 kg

1st place - Magomed Hajiyev (Russia)

2nd place - Dmitry Shapoval (Ukraine)

3rd place - Ryskulbek Ibraimov (Kyrgyzstan)

Weight category 68 kg

1st place - Zaynukov Arthur (Russia)

2nd place - Parubchenko Vladislav (Ukraine)

3rd place - Zhakulin Sayat (Kazakhstan)

Weight category 74 kg

1st place - Dmitry Parubchenko (Ukraine)

2nd place - Azizov Samandar (Tajikistan)

3rd place - Rabadanov Haji (Russia)

Weight category 82 kg

1st place - Yaroslav Amosov (Ukraine)

2nd place - Hazov Vadim (Turkmenistan)

3rd place- Nurmagomedov Abubakar (Russia)

Weight category 90 kg

1st place -Mutalibov Gabriel (Russia)

2nd Place - Alex Kharchenko (Ukraine)

3rd place - Koishibayev Daryn (Kazakhstan)

Weight category more 90 kg

1st place - Gelegaev Ahmedshaih (Russia)

2nd place - Rahmatuloev Umed (Tajikistan)

3rd place - Polovec Dmitry (Ukraine)

Team results

1st place - Russia

2nd place - Ukraine

3rd place - Tajikistan

4th place - Kazakhstan

5th place - Kyrgyzstan

6th -Turkmenistan

7th -Uzbekistan

8th place - Azerbaijan

9th place - Armenia

10th place - Belarus

11th place - Portugal

12th place - France

13th place - Israel

14th place -Turkey

15th place - Bulgaria

16th place - Romania


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