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European Combat Sambo Championship 2012. September 8. Moldova. Results of competitions   

Дата: 10-09-2012, 19:04       Категория: БС Турниры      

Боевое самбо


On September 8, 2012 European Championship in Combat Sambo took place in Kishinev (Moldova).

115 sportsmen from 14 European countries participated in the Competitions, two sportsmen from one country participated in each weight category.

European Combat Sambo Federation under the patronage of the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova Marian Illich Lupu, supported by Combat Sambo Federation of Moldova, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova and Russian Center of Science and Culture in the Republic of Moldova, became the organizer of European Championship in Combat Sambo.

The solemn ceremony of opening the Championship started with the parade of teams.  The representatives of countries-participants has come the circle of honour, applauded by fans and official persons.

Чемпионат Европы по боевому самбо

MMA fighter Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov (18-0-0) who participates in UFC at the present moment became the honoured guest in the European Championship in Combat Sambo. Khabib started his career with Combat Sambo and two gold medals he has won in the World Championship – 2010, 2011 are his highest achievement in this kind of sport. Beside his professional career of fighter, at the present moment Khabib Nurmagomedov is also the trainer in Combat Sambo for young people.

“Competitions of this level are held in the Republic of Moldova for the first time. We proved that our country entered the new level in the development of this kind of sport”, - the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova Marian Lupu stated in the opening.

“To hold the European Championship in Copmbat Sambo is an important thing. Besides, to hold the competitions of this level in our country is the first step to the greater development and popularization such entertaining kind of sport as Combat Sambo” , - Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Moldova Oktavian Bodishtyanu.

The President of Combat Sambo Federation of the Republic of Moldova Vasiliy Bachu underlined that to hold the European Championship in Moldova is great honour. Combat Sambo is rather young kind of sport that has been developing in our country only for two years. In spite of this short period, many schools and clubs in Combat Sambo are opened over the Republic of Moldova.

“The performance of Moldavian teams is much beyond it and it makes us happy. Because Moldova took the first team place for the first time in the history of European Championships in Combat Sambo, leaving behind such leaders as Russia and Ukraine. European Championship held in Moldova was excellent in general”, - the President of European Combat Sambo Federation Elkhan Veliyev noted.

Elkhan Veliyev also added: “It is praised that the government supports this kind of sport in the Republic of Moldova and Combat Sambo schools and clubs are opened all over the country. It is the result of two-years work on the development of Combat Sambo in the Republic of Moldova.” 


Чемпионат Европы по боевому самбо


Results of competitions


Weight category 57 kg

1st place – Dmitriy Dmitrach (Ukraine)

2nd place – Michael Syrbu (Моldova)

3rd place – Samir Aliev (Моldova)

3rd place – Tagir Ulanbekov (Russia)

Weight category  62 кг

1st place – Aleksey Naumov (UKpaine)

2nd place – Shamil Magomedov (Russia)

3rd place – Aleksander Pletenko (Ukraine)

3rd place – Aleksandr Kozlov (Моldova)

Weight category  68 кг

1st place – Valeriy Tiginyanu (Моldova)

2nd place – Andrrey Barbaroshe (Моldova)

3rd place – Sergey Grechka (Ukraine)

3rd place – Ruslan Rodjabov (Аzerbaijan) 

Weight category  74 кг

1st place – Sergey Barbaroshe (Моldova)

2nd place – Igor Beslyaga (Моldova)

3rd place – Maksim Grabovich (Ukraine)

3rd place – Dmitriy Parubchenko (Ukraine)

Weight category  82 кг

1st place – Ikram Aliskerov (Russia)

2nd place – Artyom Kula (Моldova)

3-е место – Vladimir Opanasenko (Ukraine)

3-е место – Yaroslav Аmosov (Ukraine)

Weight category  90 кг

1st place – Bakhtiyar Abbasov (Аzerbaijan)

2nd place – Aleksander Bova (Ukraine)

3rd place – Vadim Budzikhovskiy (Ukraine)

3rd place – Mikhay Petcy (Моldova)

Weight category  +90 кг

1st place – Ion Kutselaba (Моldova)

2nd place – Andrey Poleschuk (Ukraine)

3rd place – Dmitriy Gorash (Моldova)

3rd place – Fyodor Repkov (Ukraine)


Team results:

1st place – Моldova

2nd place - Ukraine

3rd place - Russia


Боевое самбо


Боевое самбо


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