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§ 20. Competition Doctor

20.1.  The competition doctor is appointed out of the experienced medical workers, he belongs to the Panel of Judges and is responsible for medical service in the competitions.

20.2.  Competition doctor is responsible for:

а)      participation in Mandate Commission work;

b)      checking the way of application execution, presence of doctor visa on them to accept the team to the competitions;

c)      providing external examination of the participants while weighing;

d)      following health norms to be kept by the participants in the competitions;

e)      providing medical examination of the participants during the competitions and giving medical care in case of their illnesses and injuries in accordance with notification of the second (coach) or team representative;

f)      verifying the level of participant disability to fight further (disability) by referee`s request;

g)     stopping the fight  in any time through the referee, if he supposes one of the participants to be in danger and announcing one of the opponents to be disable to continue the duel;

h)     reporting about their medical supply with the cases of participant disability and illnesses and discrepancy of sanitary norms to be recorded after the competitions.

20.3.   A doctor gives medical care for the participant on the mat. Judges, a representative, a second and others do only in accordance with doctor directions.

20.4.   A doctor makes decisions on acceptance of the participant injured to the competitions. If the participant cannot continue the duel, he informs the referee and represents the relevant statement for competition secretariat.

20.5.   The participant who was considered to be disable more than 10 seconds (lost by knock-out) fails to participate in the competitions further.

20.6.   A doctor is obliged to follow the duel on the mat paying special attention to injured participants.

20.7.   Medical workers sit at the tables (near exit-entrance of participants), wear doctor`s smocks with badges, necessary medicines, equipments and instruments.

20.8.   A competition doctor cooperates with ambulance service and local traumatologists.

§ 21. Competition Commandant

21.1.   A competition commandant is appointed out of the number of sport leaders. He is responsible for preparation and availability of gymnasium, special equipment and inventory to organize competitions in accordance with Chapter 8 of acting Rules.

21.2.  A Competition Commandant is obliged

а)     to provide guarding and security of acceptance zones of spectators, participants, representatives, mass media, guests and VIP invited by the Competition Organizing Committee;

b)     to include and supply the Panel of Judges work;

c)     to prepare and execute the place of competitions in time;

d)     to check existence and quality of necessary equipment and inventory;

e)     to provide installation of radio in premises;

f)      to provide safe location, way to the place of competitions and service of spectators and participants;

g)      to keep an order during competitions;

h)       to take other necessary measures according to directions of the head referee and Organizing Committee.

Content of the duel

§ 22. Legal Moves

Techniques of all well-known mixed martial arts are permitted in the duel meeting the requirements of acting Rules and Position on Competitions. Punches, throws, hold-downs, submission moves and chokes are permitted to apply in all positions according to the Rules.

All techniques that cause losing one`s balance are valued only in standing position according to Table №1.

A hold-down is valued in on –the-ground position.

Techniques are applied by arms, legs, head, trunk and combined moves.

§ 23. Positions of participants on the mat (poses)

23.1.  “Standing” – a participant touches the mat only with his feet (stands by his legs).

23.2.  “In-bounds” – a participant can be in following positions:

а)       “On back” – a participant touches the mat with his shoulder-blades or turns on his back; with his back being on the mat touching it with his feet and head only;

b)       “On side” – a participant touches the mat with his one shoulder-blade; with his back being on the mat touching it with his feet, head and shoulder;

c)       “On breast” or “on belly” – a participant touches the mat with his breast or belly;

d)       ”On buttocks” – a participant touches the mat with one or both buttocks, pelvis, thigh;

e)       “On shoulder” – a participant touches the mat with his shoulder pressed to his trunk.

23.3.  “On knees (knee)” – a participant touches the mat with his knees (knee) and at the same time he can sit on his calf muscles without touching the mat with his buttocks;

23.4.  Standing wrestling (wrestling in standing position) – both participants are in standing position.

23.5.  On-the-ground wrestling – one or two participants are in the lying position.

23.6.  “Out-of-bounds”:

а)      in standing position, “on knees” one of the participants put his foot out of the mat line;

b)      one of the participants mostly laid out of the mat.

§ 24. Punches

24.1.   Punch is considered to be a purposeful short-term influence of any blow surface of offensive sportsman on the opened part of opponent`s body, as the result of which the opponent is in the lying position or “disable”.

24.2.   Punches are applied with all sides of the fist, elbow, forearm, shoulder, opened hand, hand edge, knee, shank, all parts of the foot, head and trunk with any trajectory.

24.3.   Legal parts for applying punches are as follows: head (except back of the head), neck (except throat and neck-bone), breast, stomach, side parts of the body, back (except spine), legs.

24.4.   Punches with arms are allowed to apply in all positions, set forth in the Rules.

24.5.   Punches with legs are allowed to apply to the participant who is in the standing position or when both participants are in the laying position.

24.6.   Punch, as the result of which the offensive changes the standing position into the laying one, is scored in accordance with Scoring Table №1 by mutual location of the participants relatively the mat.

24.7.   As the result of punch or throw the offensive can be in the state of

а)      “disable” (knock-out, knock-down) – lasting during more than several seconds, out of balance, losing of coordination of movements, weak reaction of visual analyzers on action of the referee; the participant is not able to self-defend and continue the duel;

b)      losing of stable balance (in standing position) – a short-term (momentary) quickly renewed losing of ability to defense.

§ 25. Throws

25.1.   Throw is defined as technical move as the result of which the offensive is out of balance, falls on any part of the body excepting feet from the standing position and appears in the lying position.

25.2.   Throw without fall – the offensive is in the standing position from very beginning and till the end of throw.

25.3. Counter throw – a technical move of the offensive when he borrows initiative and changes character or direction of opponent`s fall and appears above after falling.

25.4.  Throw with fall – the opponent changes the standing position into the lying one while throwing or leans against the offensive to be in balance.

25.5.  Throw in the lying position is considered to be a throw when the opponent makes the offensive change the lying position into the standing one while throwing or fully tears him from the mat, rises higher than the belt and while throwing turns round the horizontal axis.

25.6. Punches and throws as the result of offensive sportsman fall are scored in accordance with Table №1 only in standing position.

25.7.  Tearing the participant who is in the laying position off the mat and backing him to the same position without turnover is not defined as a throw.

25.8.  Any turnovers and throws applied in the laying position as well are not scored.

§ 26. Hold-down

26.1. Hold-down is the technique when the participant makes his opponent lay with his back on the mat (or to the mat) during the particular period of time pressing with his trunk to his opponent`s trunk (or to arms pressed to the trunk).

26.2.  Hold-down time is started to be counted from the moment when the participant pressed to his opponent with his trunk (breast, side, back) fixes him in the position “on back”.

26.3. Hold-down is to be stopped

а)     if the offensive has “on breast”, “on stomach” or “on buttocks” position where the angle between his back on the level of blades and the mat plane became not more than 90˚;

b)     the offensive fully (on the arms stretched) pushed his opponent away from him;

c)     both participants appeared out-of-bounds.

§ 27. Submission moves

27.1.   Submission move is an influence on joints of extremities: a twist (“bar”), a torque in a joint (“knot”) and also squeeze of sinews or muscles as the result of which the defensive wrestler owns himself beaten.

27.2.   Submission technique is allowed to apply in all positions.

27.3.   The beginning of the submission technique is an action following the grip of opponent`s extremities in the attacked place for the defensive wrestler to course pain and reason to fight further. This action lasts not more than 30 seconds.

27.4.   During the submission technique applied a voice signal of the defensive wrestler about surrender “Yes” (or any other exclamation) is pronounced loudly. The signal by gestures is followed by many time claps (blows) on the mat or offensive wrestler`s body with a hand (foot).

27.5.   Submission move is failed to be applied, if both participants are “out-of-bounds”.

§ 28. Choke Techniques

28.1. Choke techniques are the influence on neck to course asphyxia as the result of which the defensive wrestler surrenders or lose his ability to fight further.

28.2.  Choke techniques are allowed to apply in the standing position, in the laying position and in the intermediate position.

28.3.  The beginning of the choke technique is the moment of grip that helps to apply choke directly or overcome the defense grip. Less than 30 seconds are given to apply choke.

28.4. During the choke technique applied a voice signal about surrender “Yes” (or any other exclamation) is pronounced loudly. The signal by gestures about surrender is followed by many time claps (blows) on the mat or offensive wrestler`s body with a hand (foot).

28.5. Choke technique is failed to be applied, when the defensive wrestler loses his ability to fight further.

28.6. Choke technique is failed to be applied, if both participants are “out-of-bounds”.

§ 29. Values of Technical Moves (Techniques).

29.1. Quality and values of technical moves depends on the participant positions in relation to the mat before and after the moves applied.

29.2. Values of technical moves of the offensive wrestler in the standing position is given in Scoring Table № 1:

Table №1


Landing of Defendant



Without falling of Offensive Wrestler

With falling of Offensive Wrestler


On part of the body (trunk or corps)







on knee (knees)





29.3. Scoring for the participant:

а)    for a hold-down of 10 seconds - А activity  (one time within the duel).

b)    for fixing on submission or choke techniques of 30 seconds - А activity (one time within the duel),

c)    for the second “warning” announced to the opponent – one point.

29.4.   Values of techniques in the competitions are defined in the following way:

а)    2 points – the participant is scored for the technique as the result of which the defensive wrestler falls on following parts of the body: side, back, breast, stomach, buttocks, waist, shoulder and his opponent is still in the standing position;

b)  1 point – the participant is scored for the technique as the result of which the defensive wrestler falls on the part of the body and his opponent is in the lying position above or aside; attacker`s moves are not scored, if he stays below.

c)  1 point – the attacking wrestler is scored for moves after punch or throw, if his opponent falls on his knee (knees) supported by his arm (arms), the attacking wrestler is still in the standing position.

d)   1 point – the offensive wrestler is scored for moves as the result of avoiding the submission or choke technique applied by his opponent.

29.5. Pre-term victory is awarded for the techniques as the result of which the defensive wrestler appears in the “disable” position.

29.6. Punch, changing the standing position of the participant into the lying position, is scored in accordance with the Table № 1.

29.7. Pre-term victory is awarded for realization of the “submission move” in the duel.

29.8. Pre-term victory is awarded for realization of the “choke technique” in the duel.

§ 30. Illegal Moves

30.1.   Competition participants are not allowed

•      to grab opponent`s fingers, hairs, nose, ears, sexual organs;

•      to enter into openings in opponent`s body by fingers;

•      to bite, to scratch;

•      to punch: with the head in the head, tip, back of the head, neck and spine;

•      to punch in the head with participant`s legs, who is in the lying position;

•      to execute throws on the head;

•      to apply submission moves on spine and neck bones

•      to press and punch on eyes;

•      to apply “a lever” (knee lock) on the knee in an unnatural direction (twist or torque against joints);

•      to apply choke techniques with fingers;

•      to apply the technique after the gong signal or referee command “Stop!”;

30.2.   Illegal moves in the participant`s behavior within wrestling are as follows:

•      a false injury;

•      to prolong break time in the duel;

•      to give a false signal by voice or by gesture about the illegal move applied by the opponent.   (If the arbiter really does not seethe illegal move applied by one wrestler, the other one can give a signal by voice or by gesture).

•      to lead a false duel.

•      to use dangerous objects

30.3. Rules are broken as the result of

a)     being late for the duel;

b)     chatting on the mat;

c)     avoiding the duel (intentional going out-of-bounds while standing or lying); intentional  pushing the opponent out-of-bounds; taking the lying position without any attempts to apply the technique; passiveness;

d)     going out-of-bounds while “submission” or “choke” technique are applying;

e)     unsportsmanlike conduct of the representative, coach, sportsman second or other members of his team and also participant “fans”.

§ 31. Values of the Illegal Techniques (Technical Moves)

31.1.  When the participant of the duel applies the illegal move without coursing injury, his opponent is awarded 2 points.

When the participant applies the illegal move for the second time, he is disqualified and is defined as the loser of the duel.

31.2. The participant is disqualified and loses the match, if as the result of the illegal move applied by him his opponent cannot continue the duel by doctor`s resolution.

31.3. If the participant breaks the Rules during the match, it is announced the following:  remark, warning, the second warning (the opponent is awarded 1 point). After the third warning the participant is disqualified and he is defined as the loser of the match.

31.4.  During the match more than one remark cannot be announced for the participant. The referee is responsible for activating the participants without consent of members of judge group.

31.5. To be late means not to enter on the mat after participant`s surname to be announced and him to be asked to wrestle. After participant`s absence by the first call he is given the remark and the second invitation.

31.6.  In a minute, after participant`s absence he is announced the first warning and invitation on the mat is repeated. In 30 seconds, after his absence the second warning and following call are announced. In two minutes after the first call the participant is announced as a loser.

§ 32. In-bounds Wrestling and Avoiding Wrestling

32.1. The mat limit is considered to be an external line of red stripe of square (circle).

32.2. Out-of-bounds position is defined

а)     if one of the participants puts his foot out of the mat line while standing during the duel;

b)     if in the lying position one of the participants is with his half of the trunk (in the level of waist line) or with his shoulder-blade and buttock out of the mat line.

32.3.  Within the match “out-of-bounds” position is defined by the referee and the most part of judge group (the referee and judges) in contradictory situations.

32.4. In case of “out-of-bounds” position the referee gives a command “Stop!” and back the participants into the middle.

32.5. The technical move finished out of the mat is scored if it starts in-bounds before the referee`s signal “Stop!”. Technical moves started “out-of-bounds” are not scored.

32.6.   Hold-downs, choke and submission techniques started “in-bounds” are allowed to be applied till one of the participants is still within the mat limit.

32.7. Avoiding wrestling is

а)     intentional going “out-of-bounds”;

b)     intentional pushing the opponent “out-of-bounds”;

c)     changing into lying position without evident attempts of technical moves applied.

§ 33. Dismissal, disqualification and penalties

33.1. The participant is dismissed by the decision of chief referee with his opponent to be defined as the winner:

a)     for the repeated illegal move (technique) to be applied;

b)     if as the result of illegal move applied by the participant  his opponent cannot continue the match by the doctor`s resolution;

c)     if the participant uses more than 3 minutes for medical care;

d)     after the third warning to be announced.

33.2. The participant is dismissed by the decision of the chief referee:

а)     by the doctor`s resolution when is it possible to continue the match:

b)     for unsportsmanlike conduct during the match in relation to the opponent, referees, spectators (for refusal to shake the opponent`s hand before or after the match, etc.);

c)     for absence on the mat after the first call in 2 minutes;

d)     for applying the illegal move as the result of which his opponent is injured and cannot participate in the competitions further by the doctor`s resolution;

e)     for false injury, prolonging time and deceit of the referees.

33.3. The participant dismissed:

а)     has no individual or team place;

b)     his scores are canceled;

c)     question on participant disqualification is given for European Combat Sambo Federation for consideration.

33.4. Penalties are given

а)     for not approved moving of the participant  or team member “in-bounds” (place of the matches), for crying and competition disorganization, purposeful violations of competition schedule, for discussions with the referees (the panel of judges), for unsportsmanlike conduct and offense in relation to the participants or referees, team is panelized by the Commission on Ethics (an amount of USD 400 (four hundred);

b)     when Item “A” violation is repeated, all team is panelized for an amount of USD 800 (eight hundred) and disqualified within the term of one year and lose its possibility to participate in official competitions and tournaments;

c)     team is panelized for assault of representatives, team members and their fans in relation to the participants and  competition organizers ( an amount of USD 1000 (one thousand) and disqualified for one year (it has no right to participate in the competitions);

d)     team loses further possibility of sport activity in staff of the Federation without the payment for the penalty when disqualification term passes;

e)     when team representatives refuse to pay the penalty, the team is disqualified, loses all titles rewarded by the Federation and is failed to exist as the separate subdivision of the federation.

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